multidisiplinary design studio.

    research and ideas in harmony with the spirit of times

    We work in the field of fashion, but what we love most is exploration.
    Our research is aimed at discovering an idea, igniting a spark of inspiration which helps companies succeed in the market place.
    The goal is to help companies not only to operate with creativity and a clear understanding of the market they are working in, but also to highlight the human and emotional sphere: to find that place where the uncontrollable urge to purchase is born- the mysterious impulse that says: “I’ve got to have it!”.

    what we do

    Forecasting +

    From a socio-cultural analysis to materials, we decode and interpret the spirit of the times, we detect new moods before they happen and transform them into practical tools which help to create the future. We make internal research tools for companies through seminars, workshops and trend books.

    Concept +

    We apply our experience in future trend research to projects which need great sensitivity to colour, surface and materials. We work with companies to help them develop leather, textile and small-parts collections. Colour is our great strength, and materials our daily bread. We design fashion accessories which use materials and design to describe the contemporary world.

    Art Direction +

    We believe that it is important to follow every step of the creative process. Our experience is born from forecasting trends, but this is why we believe communication is so important. We give our clients our full attention, carefully following every aspect of the presentation of a product, including the planning, development and set-up of exhibiting spaces, events and trade fairs.

    pragmatic visionary attention

    Identify areas of research, compartments to help focus on emerging moods, to then translate into colours, styles and materials.
    “We look at the present through a rearview mirror. We march backwards into the future.”
    Marshall McLuhan